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Tips and tricks to get started with DOGTV

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  • Are You New to DOGTV? Start Here

    DOGTV is a revolutionary concept in canine entertainment, offering 24/7 programming specifically designed to provide mental stimulation and relaxation for dogs. It's the first television channel ever created with canines in mind! With engaging content that is tailored to the needs of our furry fr...

  • Tips and Tricks for Watching

    Set your dog up for success with these tips from dog trainer, Mikkel Becker, for the optimal DOGTV watching experience.

  • DOGTV's Programming

    A quick introduction to DOGTV's programming for dogs, from celebrity pet trainer, Chrissy Joy.

  • Don't Adjust Your Screen!

    Did you know that dogs see color differently than humans? That's why DOGTV is color graded to make it easier for your dog to see and enjoy.

  • A Taste of DOGTV's Relaxation

    Did you know that there is a thing called "noise phobia"? The world is full of sounds that are scary to dogs. Switch on DOGTV's scientifically-designed programming to relax your dog while you're away from home.

  • A taste of DOGTV's Exposure

    Help your dog acclimate to sounds and experiences beyond their comfort zone with DOGTV's "Exposure" programming.

  • A Taste of DOGTV's Stimulation

    Not only does DOGTV look and sound different in order to cater to the needs of dogs, but it is also designed to provide a healthy does of visual and mental stimulation that is essential to their development.

  • Relaxation: Nap Time

    Did you know DOGTV's Relaxation programs were designed to relax your dog, reduce stress, levels, and keep them calm with soothing sounds and visuals? Enjoy this example of a Relaxation episode, but for maximum benefit, leave on DOGTV for your dog for a few hours while they're home alone.

  • Relaxation: Chill

    Research shows that soothing music and relaxing images help your dog feel calm and relaxed, especially when left home alone. Enjoy this short sample of DOGTV's signature Relaxation programming, and sign up for DOGTV today to unlock full-length videos, our 24/7 Live Feed for Dogs, Programs for Hum...

  • Relaxation: Snow Time

    Music can easily affect your mood. Listening to your favorite rock song gets you pumped up for the day, and soothing melodies can help you relax. Sound is important to the canine communication too, and different types of music can affect your dog's behavior. Research shows that classical music pl...

  • Stimulation: A Pekingese and a Beagle

    What do dogs do all day when they're home alone? Many find ways to entertain themselves, but for others it's a real struggle. DOGTV can help create an environment that enriches their daily lives.

  • Stimulation: Surfing Dog

    It's true that some dogs can keep themselves entertained throughout the days, but other dogs may need some extra help. Take note of these tips from celebrity dog trainer, Chrissy Joy, and enjoy this sample of DOGTV's Stimulation programming.

  • Stimulation: Park Life

    Enjoy this episode of DOGTV's Stimulation - A series of programs designed to increase physical and mental stimulation among dogs when they are home alone.

  • Stimulation: Golden in the Corn Field

    DOGTV works to relax your dog and enrich their environment, even if they aren't actively watching the screen. Our audio is designed to comfort them all day, every day.

  • Exposure: Urban Sounds

    Here's an example of DOGTV's Exposure programming, which is meant to desensitize dogs to different fearful situations that they may encounter in their day-to-day lives.

  • Exposure: City Life

    DOGTV's Exposure programs are made to desensitize dogs to day-to-day stimuli. We recommend leaving DOGTV's full programming on for your dog, which can help them over time feel more calm, relax, and desensitize to different fearful situations.

  • Behind the Music of DOGTV

    A look behind the scenes of some of our favorite musicians that contribute to DOGTV.