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For Dogs: Relaxation

For Dogs: Relaxation

Programs with calming scenes and soothing sounds keep your dog relaxed during the day.

For Dogs: Relaxation
  • New! Relaxation: Forage

    Forage through the Pine Barrens of New Jersey with DOGTV - I wonder what we'll find!

  • Relaxation: Cozy

    Take a cozy nap in the warm summer sun, and enjoy this relaxing day spent with DOGTV!

  • Relaxation: Cottage

    Enjoy an easygoing summer day at a Spanish cottage, and take a relaxing stroll along the water with DOGTV.

  • Relaxation: Flowers

    Counting flowers on the wall? That don't bother me at all when I'm watching DOGTV!

  • Relaxation: Sunny Day

    Sunny day -- Chasing the squirrels away -- On my way to watch some DOGTV!

  • Relaxation: Woodsy

    Enjoy the serenity of nature. Find your quiet place with DOGTV!

  • Relaxation: Could Nine

    Kick back and enjoy the ever-changing clouds that perform the big blue sky. Coupled with relaxing piano and water sounds, this episode of DOGTV's Relaxation is sure to delight your canine companion.

  • Relaxation: Poolside

    Can you think of anything more relaxing that spending the day poolside with DOGTV? Cool off with the sights and sounds of DOGTV's signature Relaxation programming.

  • Relaxation: In Bloom

    Did you know that it has been estimated that dogs can smell up to 10,000 times better than people? Take time to stop and smell the roses with this episode of DOGTV's signature Relaxation programming.

  • Relaxation: Up High

    Take off with DOGTV and enjoy a peaceful day admiring clouds above and patchwork farms below.

  • Relaxation: Range Life

    Oh Give me a home where DOGTV's always on! Enjoy these relaxing scenes featuring the best of the west: from the desert, to the mountains, to the wild blue yonder.

  • Relaxation: Meadow

    The great outdoors are calling! Enjoy this peaceful stroll through the meadow with DOGTV.

  • Relaxation: Floating

    This lighthearted footage of dogs watching butterflies is sure to improve you and your dog's day.

  • Relaxation: Blue Sky

    What a perfect day outside! Kick back with DOGTV and search for shapes in the clouds.

  • Relaxation: In the Shade

    What's the best way for a dog to beat the heat? DOGTV of course! In this episode you'll find lots of dogs lying down in their favorite shady spots, with extra chill background music to help you and your dog stay cool on the couch for the hottest of summer days 😎🐾

  • Relaxation: Placid

    Calm your dog with relaxing scenes of rivers and lakes.

  • Relaxation: Mellow

    Take a peaceful drive through the country to the roaring seaside.

  • Relaxation: Unwind

    Where should we snooze today? The couch or the bed? Enjoy this episode of DOGTV's signature Relaxation programming.

  • Relaxation: Take a Break

    Butterflies and belly rubs - does it get any better than this? Take a break and relax with DOGTV.

  • Relaxation: Breathe Easy

    The dog park can get crazy, so make sure to take time to rest. Enjoy this selection of dogs relaxing at the park.

  • Relaxation: Laid Back

    There's nothing more serene than a relaxing day by the water. Enjoy this selection of rivers, lakes, and oceans from DOGTV.

  • Relaxation: Soothe

    Who says traffic has to be stressful? Take a beat with DOGTV and see how big city dogs like to relax.

  • Relaxation: Breezy

    Can you think of a better way to spend an afternoon relaxing in a park? Visit a few of our favorites on this episode of DOGTV's Relaxation.

  • Relaxation: Hang Loose

    Warm days under blue skies - That's what it's all about! Enjoy this selection from DOGTV's Relaxation programming.