For You: Paws for Love

  • Paws for Love: We Got an RV!

    E01: Sean and Christina sell all their items and buy an RV to start their Paws For Love tour. Together with their therapy dog Nash, they plan to visit cities across the US to promote the work of therapy dogs.

  • Paws for Love: Texas

    E02: Paws For Love arrives in Texas and to meet with locals communities, then disaster strikes.

  • Paws for Love: Florida

    E03: Sean, Christina and Nash visit the Auburndale Fire Department and deliver Notes from Nash at the University of South Florida

  • Paws for Love: Indiana

    E04: Sean, Christina and Nash visit Notre Dame, and visit with kids in South Bend and Goshen.

  • Paws for Love: Michigan

    E05: Adventures in Michigan include beautiful lakes, the Mackinac Bridge and Andrew Dost.

  • Paws for Love: South Dakota

    E06: Sean and Christina visit the Boys & Girls Club and meet up with friends in Sioux Falls.

  • Paws for Love: California

    The Paws For Love Tour ends at Golden Palooza in Redding, CA.

  • Paws for Love: Oregon

    E09: The Oregon coast with a stop at The Camp in Bend, OR.

  • Paws for Love: Utah

    E08: Sean, Christina and Nash go to a meetup at T.F. Brewing in Salt Lake City.

  • Paws for Love: Montana

    E07: Nash and Zippit team up at Children's Therapy Services Team. Other trips include the Boys & Girls Club and Splash Bark, both in Sioux Falls.