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For You: Be Active

  • Be Active: Lure Coursing

    In the sport of lure coursing dogs compete chasing after a plastic bag, for an exhilarating thats almost as much fun and much safer than chasing wildlife.

  • Be Active: Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

    Dog trainer, Laura Nativo, explores fun ways to safely get out on the water with your furry friends.

  • Be Active: Agility

    Explore the exhilarating sport of canine agility with internationally recognized instructor, Terry Simons, and celebrity dog trainer, Laura Nativo.

  • Be Active: Enrichment Games

    You don't have to travel far to be active. Try these enrichment games with your dog, that can be enjoyed from the comfort of home.

  • Be Active: Parkour

    Dogs love the combination of climbing, running, jumping, balancing, and conquering their fears as they engage with everyday obstacles in their environment. Treat your dog to an afternoon of doggy parkour, with trainer, Laura Nativo.

  • Be Active: Swimming

    Not all dogs are natural swimmers. Head to the lake with Laura Nativo to learn how to safely introduce your dog to the water.

  • Be Active: Treasure Hunt

    Today we're going to the beach to watch Suzanne LeRoy teaching doggy treasure hunt, a fun scent game that you can play in your own back yard or at the beach.

  • Be Active: Antler Hunt

    Head out with Laura Nativo to learn to search for shed antlers with your dog; an earth-friendly game that is perfect for exploring your dog's sense of smell.

  • Be Active: Puppy Games

    Yo Armendariz of the Canine Learning Academy, teaches us fun ways to empower your puppy so that they can grow to be confident, well-mannered dogs.

  • Be Active: Performer Tricks

    Laura Nativo teaches you some pawsome new tricks that you can perform with your dog.

  • Be Active: Noise Sensitivity

    Meet with veterinarian, Moira Hechenleitner, to better understand how to manage your dog's sounds sensitivity, and how to cope with their fears.