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Featured Category

Featured Category

Featured Category

    DOGTV's live stream is specifically designed for dogs and offers a unique combination of visual and auditory stimulation. Relaxing scenes and calming music create an environment that relaxes your pup while also stimulating their curious minds.

  • Switch On Puppy Love

    10 items

    In honor of Valentine's Day, DOGTV invites you to switch on PUPPY LOVE! From now until Feb 14th, enjoy these curated puppy playlists from your friends at DOGTV.

  • Start Here

    17 items

    Tips and tricks to get started with DOGTV

  • The Happy Puppy with Dr. Courtney Campbell

    1 season

  • New Videos For Dogs

    25 items

    New content filmed in Brazil, Canada, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the UK and US.
    Our core programming is divided into three segments:
    Relaxation: The perfect choice for anxious pups, Relaxation blends soothing sounds and serene scenes to create a calm atmosphere at home.
    Stimulation: This energetic, p...

  • New! Relaxation: Placid

    Calm your dog with relaxing scenes of rivers and lakes

  • The Dog Chef

    2 seasons

    Kevyn Matthews, AKA The Dog Chef, teaches you to cook healthy, delicious meals for your dog.

  • Good Night

    5 items

    Relaxing videos to help your dog sleep

  • New! Stimulation: Field Day

    This episode features canine companions frolicking together in lush green fields and sandy beaches.

  • New! Exposure: Go for a Drive