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At Home with Laura Nativo

At Home with Laura Nativo

10 Episodes

Join professional dog trainer Laura Nativo on "At Home with Laura Nativo" as she provides helpful tips and advice for how to train your dog to behave better at home. Each episode features techniques that can be used to improve the behavior of your canine companion in an easy but effective way. Tune into DOGTV for this informative show and learn from one of the world's leading experts in dog training!

At Home with Laura Nativo
  • At Home: Answering The Front Door

    Are your neighbors complaining about the constant barking when someone knocks on your front door? In this episode of "At Home" learn how to keep your dog from becoming overly excited at the sound of a knock. Professional dog trainer Laura Nativo will show you simple techniques that can help reduc...

  • At Home: Fun and Fearless Vet Visits

    On this episode of "At Home with Laura Nativo," learn how to keep your pup relaxed when visiting the vet! Professional dog trainer, Laura Nativo will share her best tips on how to prepare your pup for a successful vet visit. She'll also give you advice on how to handle any stressful situation tha...

  • At Home: Indoor Exercise

    Join professional dog trainer, Laura Nativo, as she teaches you how to do indoor exercises with your dog. Learn fun and helpful techniques to keep your pup fit and active indoors! From basic stretching exercises to more complex tricks, this episode of "At Home" will have you and your furry friend...

  • At Home: Puppy Proof Your Home

    In this episode, Laura teaches you how to puppy-proof your home. Learn the best strategies on how to keep your furry friends safe and secure in their environment. Get tips on how to reinforce positive behaviors and discourage unwanted behaviors.

  • At Home: Relax Your Dog

    Episode 2

    In this episode Laura will teach you how to relax your pup! Learn the best ways to help your dog stay calm in stressful situations and create a peaceful home environment.

  • At Home: Separation Anxiety

    Episode 1

    Are you having trouble with your pup's separation anxiety? Join professional dog trainer, Laura Nativo, as she teaches you how to handle this common issue. In this episode learn tips and tricks on how to make sure your pup is comfortable when left alone.

  • At Home: Enrichment Tips At Home

    Are you looking for ways to make your dog's life more enriched at home? Tune into this episode of “At Home with Laura Nativo” as she gives tips on how to keep your pup entertained and engaged. Learn about what toys, activities, and treats are best for keeping your pup happy and healthy!

  • At Home: Ditch the Bowl

    Join professional dog trainer, Laura Nativo, as she teaches you how to turn your dog's mealtimes into enriching activities. Learn how to use food-based games and puzzles to help make meals more stimulating for your pup!

  • At Home: Dog Training Tips for Kids

    In this episode learn how to help children and dogs interact safely. Laura offers tips on teaching kids the right way to handle their pet, as well as advice for parents on how to supervise interactions between children and their furry friends. Watch now for an insightful look at how you can help ...

  • At Home: Recall Games

    In this episode Laura gives advice for how to incorporate recall games into your dog's daily routine. She will explain the different types of recall games and demonstrate some fun activities that you can do with your pup! Learn how to help keep them engaged and entertained in a way that also rein...