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A Taste of DOGTV Powered by Purina

A Taste of DOGTV Powered by Purina

A Taste of DOGTV Powered by Purina
  • Purina Pack Welcome to DOGTV

  • Are You New to DOGTV? Start Here

    DOGTV is a revolutionary concept in canine entertainment, offering 24/7 programming specifically designed to provide mental stimulation and relaxation for dogs. It's the first television channel ever created with canines in mind! With engaging content that is tailored to the needs of our furry fr...

  • A Taste of Relaxation

    A short segment of relaxation content that can be found on DOGTV. The content is scientifically designed to help enrich and relax your dogs throughout the day.

  • Things We Woof About: Just Right by Purina

    DOGTV reveals the latest trends and products in the world of pets by introducing our viewers to Just Right, a custom dog food created by Purina.

  • A Word From Our Experts

    DOGTV experts explain the benefits of the channel to pet parents to help them give their dogs the best life possible.

  • A Taste of Stimulation

    Not only does DOGTV look and sound different in order to cater to the needs of dogs, but it is also designed to provide a healthy does of visual and mental stimulation that is essential to their development.

  • The Dog Chef: Allergies

    Marci Hopkins' dogs suffer from allergies.

  • What is DOGTV?

    DOGTV experts explain how DOGTV can enrich your dog's life and provide advice for pet parents to help give their dogs the best life possible.

  • A Taste of Exposure

    Help your dog acclimate to sounds and experiences beyond their comfort zone with DOGTV's "Exposure" programming.

  • Be Active: Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

    Dog trainer, Laura Nativo, explores fun ways to safely get out on the water with your furry friends.

  • Tricks for Treats: Leg Weaves

    Chrissy and Darby show you how to perform leg weaves.